! *! *! *! __The Children are on Earth to learn LIFE WHICH TAKES, that SUSTAINABLE, CLIMATE LANDSCAPE and tidy in terms THERMIQUE__! *! *! *!

landscape management necessary on each slope of hill or mountain around the world against global warming

Several concepts are simple to remember and share the world:

1 – The water evaporated by the trees in a large amount of stabilizer is one huge local climate due to the fact that a factor of 35 times the absorption of heat of dry air is linked to this stored humidity;

2 – The spongy humus (and favorable indispensable bio crops with mulching the ground), without watering too, remains in place if all chosen very flat between wooded slopes (1 m high minimum);

3 – This elegant very efficiently, moist air DENSE settles on the ground, filtered to make a real micro-climate well bounded by wooded slopes … while transforming into humus dust in the atmosphere (especially arid country) with this powerful and gentle thermal deposition;

4 – this world has an urgent need for exchange of tree and fruit tree seeds and diverse vegetables to arid countries.

5 – Create narrow rectangular plots of up to 8 m wide slope surrounded by the lowest and wet spots of desertified land;

6 – look for fast-growing thorny shrubs with fruits that are first planted to external vertices slope of these plots to prevent the entry of wild animals ;

7 – to work, bring a shovel, a wheelbarrow, a hat, a big bottle full of water, fruits, boots to protect against snakes and scorpions.

8 – to round singing and turning to the left when the team is tired, seen perfection vital.


Here, teachers and children of this world, he’ll just play it in joy you feel good healthy energy, vital, balanced, with all variants tree and plant you imagine to rebuild lives autarkic responsible!

Jacques Testssert (an old backpacker climate, whole-tops, hopefully for the future: without so much cement, as I once was to compare energy expenditure between business processes in the manufacture of cement between « wet » and « dry »)



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